Fabrics, Fabrics, Everywhere

I am loving being able to purchase all these beautiful fabrics lately. A great fellow blogger and IRL friend has ordered a throw-size owl quilt. She wants turquoise and corals and for the quilt to be rotated 90 degrees so she can throw it over the couch. Great idea - if you ask me. She left me to pick out all the fabrics which was fun but a little frightening, as well. I kept thinking, "What if she doesn't like my choices?" So far she has been very happy with the fabrics.
Here are the most colorful fabrics close up. I think that I have too many of the turquoises in the same shade - and I prefer the corals from the frog fabric. I think I am going to return the two pinks and one of the turquoise ones. I have purchased more fabrics in exchange and they should be coming today!! WOOT! - Or should I say, "WHOOT!"

However, the fabric can't all be so pretty and fun - I needed to have a variety of greens for the leaves and browns for the limbs. :) You can see all the fabrics together in the following picture. And I am very pleased with how they came out; especially because I purchased them all sight-unseen from an online store.

And lastly, I am thinking of getting these coral fabrics instead.