My second Owl Quilt

From all the reading and research that done, working on the bias is SCARY!! I am a perfectionist and the fear of my squares not matching up is enough to keep me from making HSTs (half-square triangles). But my friend wanted chevron and most tutorials show using HSTs.

However, I was able to find another version that uses strips cut into squares and turned to make my chevron quilt. She also requested the owl applique with little birds. And her final request was to make the quilt run the length of the quilt so she could hang it over her couch. WOW!! When I start listing it like that, she seems a little demanding - but she is a paying customer.

Her favorite colors are coral and aqua but we had to add in additional colors for the fabrics for the owl to coordinate. In the end, I fell in love with the completed quilt and I hope you love it, too.