I don't even own a quilt...

Do you know that I don't even own a quilt? I mean, the first two I made for my in-laws and then one for a friend's baby. After joining an online forum specifically for quilting ladies, I realized that there are fabric lovers out there. And that these same fabric lovers will occasionally clean house and sell their left over fabric.

I fell in love with some Dr. Seuss fabric and was able to buy a small bundle. Using Pinterest and Google, I was finally able to decide on a pattern -- the wonky block. I got started right away as the tutorials said with different width strips of my fabric. This is very similar to a log cabin construction which I used for my first sewing machine cover. 

But... no one had mentioned to me anything about "waste." This is a term used by my fellow quilters to describe the pieces of fabric that are original cut for your quilt but then removed before the finished block is pieced together without a use afterwards. Really?? I have to cut away all these pieces and then just -- throw them away. I couldn't imagine that because quilting is not a cheap hobby. 

After completing a couple dozen of my blocks, I tried to start organize them in a random way. Did I tell you how difficult it is to be "random"? Well, it is. Unfortunately, as I started moving my blocks around, I found out that I cannot even cut them randomly. The last two dozen had all been cut in the same direction. :( I was so sad and forced my self to make the remaining blocks in the other direction. And some good came from this discovery, I was able to use much of the "waste" in my blocks. In the end there was very little left over and certainly there wasn't any Robery Kaufman Kona White left to use later. 

For some reason, these first quilts just didn't get that much flash time and I have very few pictures of them. However, I do still have the quilt in my home and could likely take more images for this blog. Maybe I'll do that -- I have been meaning to get to the beach and take some along the walking piers we have here on Carolina Beach.

In the end because I cannot sew straight to save my life, I decided to use free-motion quilting again. This time it is a bubble in a bubble type quilting. You can see it better here in this photo.

My son loves his Dr. Seuss quilt and we use it on the family bed often in the winter to keep extra warm and I find it dragged all over the living room in the colder summer nights. The quilt is being used just as I had intended. LOL