Keeping up with the Jones's!

How do you keep up? And donation quilts for Project Linus

I always wonder how these other bloggers can keep up with their projects, family, Facebook and clients. Then I also have classes and now work study. This year I was qualified for work study and while I am happy to reduce my student loans... it is very time consuming. Everything has suffered - my grades, my housework, and my sewing.

But I still was able to get a few things done this year and I am happy with most of them. Before school started up this year - I was able to join the Project Linus quilting group where we get together monthly and share our projects and collect all our donation quilts. They are a great bunch of ladies. If you want to read more about the Project Linus, click here. It is a great organization!!

While I was only able to attend one meeting before classes started, I still collected some fabric and even made a few donation quilts. All the quilts are approximately 40x50 with a simple design and poly-batting that was donated to the group for this purpose:

For some variety, I decided to do a combination of FMQing designs with the solid fabrics. It came out pretty cool - but I hated working with the poly-batting. I think I'll spray baste in the future.