Finished Quilt for my Mother-in-Law

OK - I can't believe I let my husband talk me into this... but my second quilt ever was a QUEEN size. Now if you are not aware of how large that is... it was 90in x 100in. YES !!! And I machine quilted it myself.

Now, in the end I loved it and I am really surprised how many colors (different fabrics) are really needed to make a quilt. You don't need much of each color but you need a large variety of them. It was hard getting all the necessary fabrics (actually three trips in total).

And then there was the cost - I thought it would be cheaper than purchasing one. Nope - you can get a quilt from Bed, Bath & Beyond for about the same in fabric. So my labor was obviously free. However, I did love it and Mr. Kat said he would put it on our bed if his mom didnt like it. LOL

It was worth all the effort--- but I cannot (I repeat CANNOT) sew a straight line. I don't know how those other ladies do it, but I am straight-line crooked. I ended up quilting with a large wavy line. :)

I don't know where I will display my next quilt because the swing set was still too short. Will have to find an alternative place. But I did put it on my bed for a trial run. I certainly MUST have a quilt before the end of the year. And I will.

It was a ton of fun and time. And I really hope she loves it. But I must sign off because I am already in the middle of another quilt.