Hoo! Hoo! Loves you!!

I was really excited to read on Facebook a couple months back that my friend was pregnant. She has one little girl through invetro over 10 years ago and this one is a little miracle baby. I wanted to make something for the baby but we did not know the sex yet. Also, she has a love for all things "owl" because she associates them with the passing of her father.

As my tribute to her new miracle and to provide her with a connection with her father who cannot be here to see the little one - I decided to make an owl themed quilt. I saw a few examples on line and began designing my own version. The original owls has dark big eyes that seemed a little ominous - so I opted for cuter owls that I could give a bit more personality.

While communicating with her husband, I was informed that they had not decorated the baby's room yet but that they were going to find out the sex within a month. YIKES!!! I needed to get cracking. I got all my fabrics together and put my plan in action. I can tell you that I made just a "few" too many of the squares. After making a queen size quilt - it was hard to estimate what I needed to do for a crib size. :)

But it came out great and I really loved it. Even my LO wanted to use it. Obviously needed to make him his own. *hehehe*

 I loved how it came out and you can see that I had to put all those extra squares on the back. So, it is actually two quilts in one.

The happy owner was very delighted to get her package and I was glad that I was able to keep it a secret the whole time. The quilt has attracted more interest from others wanting the same thing. The squares are just stitched-in-the-ditch.