Getting over my fears

I had purchased the fabric almost 2 weeks ago and I have not even completely unfolded it from the store. LOL -- I wanted to make a quilt that I saw in a magazine. The author to the pattern talks about her quilt in detail here. She called it Tango and used a beautiful line with black, gray, white and tangerine. Well, Mr. Kat loves the colors and pattern also.

[Image source:  Quilt Trends Magazine]

The magazine only calls for the throw size quilt -- so I will have to do some math to make the blocks for a queen size duvet cover. YES - you read that correctly. I am planning on make a quilted duvet cover. And after more contemplation, I will quilt it with regular cotton batting so we can use it as a regular quilt when it is not so cold. :)

I am writing this post hoping that it will influence me to start working on it. But I have never done anything like this and it is intimidating. But I normally make a "proto-type" block before cutting into my nice fabric. This way I can have a visual representative and it makes the math easier to figure out, too.

Wish me luck, ladies! 

Here are our fabric choices!!


Michele Chastain said...

You are one of the most talented people I know and I am SURE it will turn out gorgeous. Always remember "nothing ventured, nothing gained" -- and you truly live that way, so this is a piece of cake for you!

Kat's Out o'the Bag said...

Thank you, Michele. It has been great having an outlet for my creativity. I appreciate you stopping by and checking out my progress. I will keep you updated.